Some audio samples are currently on the Spectral Tools section of this site.


A couple of nice pieces from John Moriarty—I Hope To Let It Be and You're To Blame—putting the DT software to great use!

This is a microtage video—by Simon Rolph—made to accompany our microtonal piece Rocket Socks. This piece is in the TOP tuning of the srutal temperament (which is actually not that far different from 12-TET, but implies an interesting underlying 'decatonic' scale and a 'legal' set of major and minor triads). I'm using the AXiS-49 going into Relayer and then into the Orgone preset on The Viking. Vassilis Angelis on drums, Anna Berry on backing vox, Simon Holland on electric bass, Anthony Prechtl on electric guitar, Simon Rolph on vocals

This is The Stern Brocot Band recording a piece at The Open University's Music Research Studio. It's in the porcupine temperament and uses a 7-tone scale with 1 large step and 6 small. I'm using my laptop's QWERTY keyboard going into Relayer to give me a nice note layout and then into both 2032 (harp-like sound) and TransFormSynth (harmonium-like sound). Vassilis Angelis on drums, Maxime Canelli on guitar, Simon Holland on 'cello, Andrew Milne on QWERTY. Jim Hoyland did the engineering and mixing.

Nice vid from John Moriarty explaining how to use the AXiS-49 in conjunction with Relayer for microtonal music.

Here's a performance by The Stern Brocot Band at Queen Mary University, London. The piece is in 15-TET, with some tuning bends occuring towards the end - I'm using 2032 played on my notebook's QWERTY keyboard. Andy Milne on QWERTY, Simon Holland on fretless bass, Vassilis Angelis on drums.

This is our first Dynamic Tonality video... it's a bit rough, so please give us a break! We were both using The Viking. We start an improvisation in the Syntonic continuum at 12-TET, then move into 5-TET at around 01:45. There's a pre-composed Magic continuum section in (roughtly) 19-TET beginning at 03:30. After that, we move into the Hanson continuum at 6:20.

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